web marketing

Web marketing, also known as online marketing or internet marketing, is one of the most complex and multi-facet parts of the marketing for any website. Countless ways to spend money advertising with even more companies jockeying to handle the services, it can be a daunting and extremely confusing process for many websites to go through. Understanding the different types of web marketing can help a website understand the services being offered by other SEO agencies when interviewing potential marketing partners, allowing for website to make more educated decisions that can possibly cut costs from unnecessary marketing expenditures.

web marketing

A web marketing campaign is a broad term that can be implied to a number of different forms of internet marketing; most commonly including search engine marketing, link building and social media marketing but can also include other forms of online marketing .  The marketing services offered can vary greatly, depending on such factors as the product or services offered, the target audience and long term or short term goals of a website, all of which will be factored into a specific plan for web marketing can be designed and managed either in-house or by an outside professional SEO agency specializing that field of marketing.

Websites that are interested in starting or adding new marketing services might find it helpful to understand the different types of services available, how these different marketing programs work and how these applications can implemented into their existing websites or businesses without incurring substance management costs or functionality problems for the consumers. Creating a small, yet effective long term web marketing program can help boost a website to the next level with increased exposure and eventual sales, making these marketing investments potentially very lucrative.

Web Marketing 101

Some of the most popular types of web marketing services that are being utilized by websites and online business today include many, if not all, of the following services:

Link Building

  • Blogging
  • Creating a consistent supply of information to teach and update consumers about the website's industry, operating a blog is an ideal way to keep a website fresh and constantly updating for the consumers visiting the website while helping with SEO by becoming an industry authority.

  • Article Submission
  • Through other websites, content can be placed to extend the reach and exposure of the contributing website. Larger sites will provide the opportunity for increased clicks and users crossing over to the contributor's website; helping with both SERP positioning and active visitors on the web pages.

Content Marketing

  • Article Creation
  • Providing a regular stream of industry related content will allow websites to keep their website updated for consumers while contributing to other informative websites and blogs within the industry to cross promote. Regardless of where the content ends up, proper back links, citations and references will help a website no matter what web page the articles is published on.

  • Infographics
  • Giving consumers additional means to understand the material being explained on a website can be priceless, especially if the topics are difficult to understand or are lengthy when being described. Infographics also provide added SEO and back link opportunities since many times these images are shown in search results or used by other websites to help explain their content.

  • Explainer Videos
  • Targeting the next wave of content for both search engines and consumer learning, explainer videos take infographics to a whole new level with more engaging and in depth content. As search engines shift toward displaying more video results in their SERPs, being prepared with industry specific content will help websites corner the search engine results with informative answers.

Paid Advertising

  • Pay Per Click
  • One of the quickest ways to show up on top of the search engines, but also one of the expensive kinds of search engine marketing a website can do. Finding lower cost words and terms can be a cost effective way to reach a broader audience than SEO might be able to accomplish without breaking the bank.

  • Banner Ads
  • Focused on finding ads space on industry related websites is one to build brand awareness and increase website traffic by partnering with another website. Depending on the website and the industry, this can be anything from a reason cost up to an extraordinary investment to partner with best websites.

Graphic Design

  • Web Design
  • Many websites interested in contracting with a web marketing service will quickly notice during an audit that their website has issues, whether its a front end graphic problem or a coding issue, having a website built for optimization is highly recommended when starting an online marketing campaign.

  • Logo Design
  • A simple yet important part of a business, the logo is a key identifier to any website or business. Having multiple versions and variations of a logo will allow websites the ability to easily create other complimenting material in faster time without many more costs.

Beginning a Web Marketing Campaign

Becoming familiar with the various parts of web marketing is recommended for websites before contracting with an online marketing firm. With so many different areas that can become part of a campaign its important to determine the goals of the website and which path will lead them there without excess cost. Contact one of our florida web marketing specialists at zwmg for more information about the different local web marketing opportunities available for your website.